Home or Rehome

There are certain things that I think should not be spoken of in front of the pups.

2 leggeds talk about rehoming when they have to move away and my pet Liz has been very troubled about it all lately.

She did something she calls Pros and Cons of rehoming me or taking me back to Oz. At first she decided to rehome me with some other 2 leggeds who would love me and care for me in the style I expect.

I have never seen my pet so sad. She’s usually such a happy and up beat kind of 2 legged tinopener. Every time she looked at me she’d cry and to tell you the truth it all got a bit boring after a while.

Then one night as we were both going to sleep [I let her lie on the bed] she said ‘Ah Ha’ and sounded happy for the first time in days.

She’d sniffed out another way for us to be together in Oz.

One of the reasons she was going to rehome me was because she’d be living alone and didn’t want me to be on my own while she went to work or travelled.

Clever pet reimagined living with other female 2 leggeds who had a big house with other 4 leggeds [or as we call ourselves – rulers of the universe] and a huge yard. We could all look after each other.

The only new challenge [and my pet says she loves them but not when they all come at once] was that we have to raise something like 5 to 6 thousand dog biscuits/euros to get me to Oz and another 10,000 to keep me and my pet in food for a few months back in Oz.

Pet Liz is doing lots to earn the biscuits by February 29th and she deserves a good pat on the back and a scratch behind the ears.

I thought my role would be to look beautiful and send good thoughts her way as she went out working on all her ideas.

I’ve decided to be a tad more helpful and write the story of the journey back to Oz and gather a few biscuits from other 2 legged pets and their owners.

I know I’d be happy with other 2 legged tinopeners but it’s taken so long to train my pet Liz  so I’d like to keep her. She’s got a good heart and learns fairly quickly.

Whether you’re a 2 legged or a 4 legged or one of those things with wings – I’d love to have you along on this adventure.

xxx Woof

If you’d like to throw me a biscuit/euro then press on my nose in the picture and you’ll be transported to Pay Pal. xxx

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